Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Last week of February

We just got these new "Postcards" in. They have a cool mantra on the front and look like a real postcard on the back. I've been giving them to friends and family to brighten their day. They're only $9.
Available at:
The Angel Store

My dear friend Richard Benter had this mantra engraved an a glass plaque many years ago. The plaque was broken years ago but the mantra is engraved in my heart forever. The first pic is us 20 years ago and the second was just recently. I hope you like it:

Yesterday is a Memory, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift; that's why they call it The Present.

The Cross to me represents the intersection where The Divine crosses our path. This is why I have one over every door in my home that leads outside and why I have an awesome wall of crosses. I love looking at them and remembering that I am not alone in this world that I can call on Great Spirit whenever I want. We just got some beautiful crosses in. They are perfect for any cross wall. They are all designed by local artists. They range in price from $19-$69. 

Our Mothers teach us everything except how to live without them.... 

Third week of February

I'm throwin it back to 1991. This is my 
lovely 80s wedding dress. 
Believe it or not
 this was the style, lol.

We got to see the baby again! OMG he's so amazing! We went to see Michelle & Kennys adorable new home, It is so full of the love they have for each other. We and had such a good time. Check out the pic of Michelle and Daddy, the apple didn't fall far from that tree, lol. Namaste

 She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the weight of the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings........

How many women do we all know who embody this mantra? I know several. When I found this mantra I knew I had to create another piece of my incredible Mother. I will not be selling the original but would love for others to have a print of it it. It's only $85

In any moment you can ask for 1 or 1000 Angels to surround you....

 Super Bowl Sunday at our house. Pam is on the left then my 2 beautiful sisters and my sweet niece is on the end. I can't say that I watched any of the game but I had a really good time with my family and neighbors.

 This necklace is sooo gorgeous! It's not your everyday necklace but when it's time to dress up you cannot go wrong with this piece. It would be thousands of dollars if you bought it from the jeweler but in our store it's only $295 

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband! I worked all day on Valentines and coming home to this incredible flower arrangement made my heart soar.

Second Week of February

MG's Daily Mantra: Today I look for the 
evidence of my well being. When I get stressed out 
("up my butt" as my husband likes to call it, lol!) 
This mantra calms me down. I hope you will 
look as well when you need a lift. 

Our energy walks into a room 
just before we do.....

Throwback Thursday Mom Jill and I 
I worked at The Ritz around 1995

Throwback Thursday my niece Linia sitting 
on my bed in my apartment on 
Balboa Island when she came to California to visit. 
I think it was around 1998.

First Week of February

I went to the new London Method Studio
 in Long Beach this morning and it was awesome! 
The studio is beautiful, comfortable and pretty damn hip!
 If you're looking for a feminine workout that will 
elongate your muscles and make you look like a dancer 
come check this studio out. The first class is free.
 Congratulations Pam & Kelly! I know you will have 
much success in your amazing new space. 

We just got this amazing Tiffany inspired 
Wicker Weave necklace in. It's solid sterling silver 
finished in pure platinum. It comes in 16 & 18 inches long. 
$235 + free shipping. 

My sexy sister Joanie and I getting ready to 
go out on the town some time around 1993 lol

The wind was so strong a couple of nights ago 
that it knocked down the electric poles and 1/2 of 
our city was without power for 10 hours. It was so
 strange to see Main Street pitch black and 
watching my plants uprooting from their pots and 
blowing down the street made me so sad. 
We left to meet our dear friends Cam & Leticia 
at the only restaurant with power, Yucatan.
 As we walked out into the alley we saw our sofa 
cushions from the roof deck scattered up and
 down the alley. I did think it was beautiful though
driving down Ocean and seeing all the houses candlelit. 
Electricity, another one of those wonderful luxuries 
we all take for granted and need to really do anything 
in this world. I'm putting that great invention on 
my grateful list from now on.

My artwork is now on greeting cards! 
The colors are just like the prints. 
The blank cards are great for any occasion and 
cards with messages truley unique. 
They are 5x7 inches and are
 only $5 with free shipping.

Last Week Of January

Meditating as the sun rose was magical yesterday.
 I know it looks like I'm in prison in the second picture
 but it's just The Navy Base lol .

We got some beautiful new rings in. I really like eternity 
bands and over sized rings so I had to take this 
one for myself:) This ring is fine cubic zirconia 
hand set in solid sterling silver silver and finished 
in pure platinum. It's $149 and ships for free. 
Available online

My two brothers have been living on Taco Bell and
 Jack in the Box since my mom transitioned. 
My brother is not very healthy so I have been very concerned. 
He is the first born in our family of nine children and I am #9. 
It's so hard to know when to get involved and when to
 let people turn the pages of their books themselves. 
I went to his house and explained the crock pot to him 
and wrote down a couple of easy recipes but 
he didn't seem to be interested. Well my mom must
 have hit him over the head that night because the 
very next day he actually did it! Chef Joe served 
my brother John his first creation; "Chicken a la Joe".
 He also bought a pot roast for tonight. 
My brother John took this picture,
 I think it eplains it all.

Throwback Thursday. Oh dear what were we thinking? 
We thought we looked hot lol! My sister Maria,
 her friend Linda and yours truly around 1986

Hello Creative Souls! Many of you ask how I create my original mixed media pieces. So until my online courses are released here is a little bit of what goes into making one. 
-Sketch Erase Sketch again until I'm satisfied & spray with Workable
Fixative. This could take weeks (a lot of images get trashed in this process).
-Stamp & Collage back & forth many times.
-Paint, paint again and again (this goes on quite awhile).
-Chose & adhere the mantra.
-Melt Bees wax over the piece carefully avoiding the faces (door must be closed to avoid bee stings, seriously!).
-Spray faces with Archival Varnish.
-Photograph for printing website, sharing etc.
-Frame the masterpiece
-Celebrate with husband smile emoticon

 Is this kid gorgeous or what? Nick & Kelley are such gracious parents. They bring him over or meet us out and are so calm and relaxed with him (and us). Granddad is teaching him how to dance and that's Uncle James holding him. What a beautiful blessing Brennan is to our family.

I'm so proud of my dapper nephew Dillon.
 He was body guarding Vice President Biden in the 
Prague last week.
 You are amazing Pick 

 I finally got to see the Christmas lights in Huntington Harbor thanks to our marvelous neighbor Tye. We putted around the harbor with our drinks and just took it all in. It was quite impressive. The homes and the boats are massive and decorated from top to bottom with lights and every holiday theme imaginable. I don't know if the boys were that into it but I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it. Praying we get to go next year!

When I told my brother Gene I had painted his daughter Leah he immediately went to my website and bought it.
 Then when I painted his daughter Julie he did the same thing. 
He then asked me to paint his other daughter as wel
l as his fabulous girlfriend Jeanne. 
Then my mom crossed over and
 I had no desire to paint for 5 months. When I picked his name for Christmas gift exchange I knew it was a
 sign from my mom to pick up my brushes. 
He had given me the 2 mantras to put on each painting. 
I put his daughter Ginas mantra on Jeannes painting but he said it's OK because Jeanne needed this mantra too. lol.
 There are a lot of Gene Jeanne Ginas here so 
I got confused. lol. So this is what I gave him for Christmas.
"The less I worry the better things turn out. 
All is as it should be; PERFECT."
The original is obviously sold but I did print it 
and it's available online:

Third Week Of January

This stunning and unique cross has been 
our number one seller for a very long time. 
The bronze color was my moms favorite and 
she wore it everyday. I wear the blue one and
 always get compliments. It's really good quality as well. 
It's fine cubic zirconia hand set in solid sterling silver 
and finished in pure platinum. The price is $139 
and free it ships for free. 

Although I'm used the zebra, leopard, pink and rhinestones (all in the same print) I have to say I just love my new luggage! London Fog: Elegant. Classic. British. Just like the sexy man who bought them for me

She left Beauty Wherever she Went....

I named this piece after my sisters dear friend Nola Stough. A sweet beautiful blonde with gorgeous eyes and a smile that lights up the room.
The original is sold but the prints is available online:

Happy Throw back Thursday my dear friend Cynthia Magana 
I do believe this was the night you met Paul
 and Halloween at Parkers Lighthouse 

I've always wanted to go to (dress up for) or have a masquerade party and thanks to our fabulous neighbor Stanley Hartford we went to one on New Years Eve. It was even better than I thought it would be. Finding actually making our costumes was a bit of a challenge but we pulled it off in the end. (I'm so glad Keith doesn't look at Facebook!)

Liquid Metal Jewelry was one of the first jewelry lines The Angel Storestarted carrying. The artist Sergio Gutierrez uses ball chain technology to create mesh fabric bracelets. They form to your body and close with a snap (literally). I wear these bracelets nearly everyday whether working or going out at night. They are edgy and sexy yet very classy. The prices range between $129 to $199. Come try one on and see for yourself. Namaste

We made a separate tree for my mom this year. I loved honoring her in this way. When everyone came in the house they got to honor her too. I believe in the power of rituals and this is a new one for our holidays. She always wore white (because she was an angel) and she loved birds so we decorated the tree with white bird ornaments, white lights with a white fiber optic angel on top. Everything around the tree is very meaningful for my mom too. The gorgeous white angel was (that looks just like my mom) was a gift from my dear friend Maria Colasurdo, the wooden angel next to it was from my sister Maria Marshall and the sign on the left was a gift from Kelley Souter for Christmas this year. I just loved looking at it everyday. I really didn't want to take it down. I will do this every year from now on so she can enjoy the holidays with us. Namaste

Because I have 9 siblings we pick names at Christmas for gift exchange. I had to share the amazing cross my awesome brother from Washington made for me. My mom had her own "logo" it was a cross with a heart in the middle and she always wrote it on everything she gave us kids. The wood comes from the largest red cedar tree in the world and is 1000 years old. What a beautiful thoughtful gift! I thought I'd add a pic of mom too! Namaste

 My new favorite workout! The London Method! If you are looking to sculpt and tone your entire body with small precise moves using a ballet barre you might want to check it out:

You can always tell when two people are BEST FRIENDS because they are having more fun than it makes sense for them to be having...
The final (for now) painting in my new "Friends" Series
Original 16x20 $595

Print 11x14 $85
8x10 $45

If I've learned anything this year it has been this true meaning of this quote. I was thinking of this while having lunch with my amazing friend David yesterday and I noticed it really kept me present to him. David was born without the "hair gene" which makes him so soft and beautiful. He's one of the few friends I've had for over 20 years. He has been there for me through so many ups downs and a whole lot in between. Even if we haven't seen each other for months we just pick up right where we left off. He has taught me so much over the years I am forever grateful......